Frequently Asked Questions


What's The Farm Belly?

It's a food truck and catering company that uses only ingredients from CT farms. All of our meat, dairy and produce come from farms across the state. 

Do you also provide catering?

Yes, we cater everything from weddings to office events. 

Do you have a brick and mortar? 

No, but you'll be the first to know when we do by following us on Facebook.

If we have you cater, do you need the truck? 

No, every event is different and sometimes we need the truck and sometimes we will be able to cook onsite.

How much notice do I need to book you? 

As much as possible. We get booked well in advance and the earlier you know the more likely we'll be able to accommodate you. Don't worry if you think it's too soon to call, it's probably not. 

I know exactly what I want on my menu but it's not seasonal, can I still have you cater?

Probably not, unless we have already made arrangements and I was able to preserve all of your menu items for your specific event. Sometimes, we aren't the best caterer for your event. We only use fresh local ingredients. 

You’re booked, would you recommend another truck or business?


Of course! We have a list of trucks and small business that we work with that we are more than happy to share with you. 

I'm not sure what I want for my event menu, will you help? 

Of course! We create your menu specifically for your event.

I have a small budget and I'm not sure I can afford catering? 

We work with all budgets and we will always work with the farmer to find the best price, regardless of your budget. 

Did you get a food truck because you saw the movie Chef? 


Did you see that movie with the guy with the food truck? Is that why you have this business?


I love your the meat, dairy and produce that you use, where else can I get them? 


Often times, you can find a lot of the farms at a CitySeed farmer’s market in New Haven. You can always check our farm page to see which farms we are using. We are more than happy to tell you where you can go and often encourage you to visit the farms. 

How far will you travel? 

It depends, but we do travel throughout the state. We have worked in the following counties: New Haven, Hartford, Litchfield, and Fairfield.

How many farms do you work with? 

It changes constantly, we have relationships with fifty-two farms but in reality, we consistently work with about twenty-five. You can check out our list of farms here.

Why did you pick farm to table and truck?

I prefer not to say farm-to-table or truck because people often associate that with expensive. I prefer saying local and I do it because it makes sense. It’s affordable, it’s fresh and I know how it’s grown, harvested and then used. 

Does Connecticut have an odd law about pickles?

Connecticut is picky about its deli foods. To officially be considered a pickle, a brined cucumber must be able to "bounce." 

Do you like what you do?

I love it! I love feeding people, I love working with the farmers and visiting the farms. You can sometimes find me harvesting what we will serve on the menu. I'm incredibly passionate and believe in what I do.