Strawberry Fields Forever

Let me take you down / cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields / nothing is real / and nothing to get hung about / Strawberry Fields forever. The first stanza of the Beatles hit, "Strawberry Fields," says it all. It’s the start of strawberry season and we’re talking all about that sweet yummy treat and what the difference is between store bought and farm fresh strawberries. 

Store bought strawberries tend to be larger and are less fragrant than farm strawberries. They also look too perfect, bleed less, and have slightly less color.

Did you know that: Strawberries, scientific name Fragaria, came to us from France? Not only that, but  this fruit helped scientists establish that there were male and female versions of plants. Strawberries and cream is famously served at the Wimbledon tennis tournament and is a traditional Swedish dessert, even though IKEA would lead you to believe it’s all about the lingonberry.

You so fancy.

See the Difference

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, ranked third among all fruits for their serving size, only beaten by blackberries and walnuts. So here we are in strawberry season and I want to convince you that buying local is the way to go. First of all, picking your own strawberries is optimal if you eat them within two days. After that, strawberries begin to quickly lose vitamin c and polyphenol antioxidants. Supermarket strawberries mean transport time and this means the natural sugar is breaking down and converting to starch, making the berries in stores tart and grainy in texture along with that nutrient loss. What better reason than to support your local farm or favorite farm to table food truck?

Store bought strawberries will always have whiter middles and a less sweet flavor, you can actually see where the strawberries have drained and lost their good stuff wherever you see white.

This farm bought strawberry is two days old, you can see some of the drain to white in the very center has started, but it still maintains the red vitamin richness to the edges. Another thing to notice is that the farm fresh strawberries are actually pooling with juice on the cutting board. There's very little of this with the store bought strawberries.

Health Benefits

Few studies have directly studied the health benefits of eating strawberries, but here are some things the scientific community does believe to be true: 1) Consuming strawberries can lower your chance for cardiovascular disease 2)One cup of strawberries can reduce blood sugar spikes that occur from consuming sugary and/or high fat meals, and 3)The phytonutrients in strawberries: terpenoids, flavonols, phenolic acids, ellagitannins, and anthocyanins, are currently being researched for their anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties when regularly eaten.

Seeing is Believing

Head on down to this weekend's Strawberry Fest, brought to you by CitySeed, where you can buy all things delicious and nutritious. Local Connecticut farms bring you fresh ingredients and local vendors will be bringing all kinds of strawberry goodies for this yummy affair. 

Check us out in Wooster Square this Saturday from 9am - 1pm for the first day of CitySeed's Strawberry Fest. Stay tuned, we'll reveal our strawberry specials later this week.