What do Kurt Vonnegut and KISS have in common? (Plus, Science Park this week!)

We have a new location! Tuesday through Thursday, we're in Science Park by the new Winchester Lofts at 300 Winchester Avenue at Munson Street [Update: we're in the parking lot] from [updated] 8 to 2.  And then on Saturday we're back to Wooster Square for the Cityseed Farmers' Market from 9 to 1.

Plus, new this week, the ONLY farm-to-street lunch specials in town inspired by literature and rock and roll......

Kilgore Trout
A cheeseburger featuring grass-fed beef from Blue Slope Farm, Pleasant Cow cheese from Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm, tomato from Gentle Giant Farm, and lettuce and onion from Stone Gardens

Gene Simmons
A rockin' salad featuring tomatoes from New Haven Farms, cucumbers and herbs from Stone Gardens, and homemade vinaigrette. Shout it out loud, tomato season is here!

Don't worry, Brady fans, we also have our usual breakfast sandwiches:

Egg and cheese 

Egg, cheese, and goat sausage

Egg, cheese, sautéed escarole, and grilled tomato

Egg, cheese, and shredded squash

Burrito with eggs, black beans, corn, peppers, onions, and cheese

Egg, goat cheese, pesto, and tomato

Veggie patty (beans, peppers, Swiss chard, zucchini, onions, garlic, cornmeal and herbs) lettuce, tomato and onions *vegan

During the week, there's also hot and iced coffee from the Coffee Pedaler and iced tea and lemonade from the Farmer's Cow.

See you at the truck!