Hump Day at 370 James

We're starting the day at a new location, 370 James Street, for breakfast and lunch. Can't get enough Farm Belly? Don't worry! We'll also be at the Brews, Bridge Blues & Food Truck Block Party on East Grand Avenue tonight. Check out our special menu for that here


Egg and cheese 3

Goat sausage, egg and cheese 5

Tomato, egg, and hollandaise 4

Shredded squash, egg and cheese  4

Burrito with egg, black beans, corn, peppers, onion, fresh tomato salsa, and cheese  4

Pesto (contains nuts), tomato, egg and goat cheese 4

Veggie patty (mix of fresh vegetables and beans) with lettuce, tomato, and onion (vegan) 4

Charles in Charge

I want Charles in charge of meeee.... and delicious CT-grown summer fruit!
A fruit salad: pears, peaches, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, nectarines, and plums. 3

Gene Simmons
You'll want to eat this salad for 100,000 years, but we only have it during tomato season.
Cucumber, tomato, parsley, and our truck-made vinaigrette. 3

Sade "Smoothie Operator"
No need to ask...It's a refreshing beverage. 
Blend of yogurt, milk, and fruit 4

Sir Mix-A-Lot
I like big beef and I cannot lie.
Grass-fed beef burger, apples, hot poblano peppers, and goat cheese 7

Tom & Jerry
No violence was committed in the making of this delightful chilled soup.
Cucumber and melon gazpacho 3

Peaches and Herb
Fruits and veggies and it tastes so good....
Salad of pears, mixed greens, and feta with truck-made peach vinaigrette 4

Coffee Pedaler coffee (hot or iced), Farmer's Cow iced tea and lemonade, water

As always, all of our produce, meat, and dairy comes from Connecticut farms. See you at the truck!